Core Fore Legal
~ Justice for All ~
"Core Fore Legal" represents the combination of several law offices and lawyers, in different countries, with their own local clients. We are providing legal services in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Belarus and Cyprus.
Our lawyers in our local offices are each locally known about their commercial awareness and the knowledge while providing innovative and tailored solutions, for our clients.
Increasing globalization changed the structure of all businesses all around the World. Such change also switched us to the type of advice for our clients needed so the "Core Fore Legal" was formed with an aim to correlate the co-operations of local law offices and lawyers under one umbrella.
Combination of expert attorneys, as our founders, are all having substantial backgrounds in criminal and finance litigations. 
As our clients expand in Eastern Europe, we are always with them. 
We provide legal advice and litigation services of the highest quality while operating across the borders.